Poem Written By Christian J. Ashliman

A warm, dawning glow reflected off my cold, pale skin
The morning air stands frigid; frozen to the influence of surrounding life
Something stirs within; an opposite of the outside world, warm to the touch
It is both familiar, and yet, foreign; wanted, but forbidden
It has poisoned my thoughts; seeping into every corner of my mind
This place is dark, filled with the torment and anguish of regret
Here, where life’s episodes are replayed endlessly
There is no consolation, leaving me with the thought of what could have been

Never again, I take the vow
Searching for some way to forget
It’s nagging, gnawing presence fails to cease
Ignoring my command, giving way to one final affliction
Useless in solving my own mystery
Futile is my quandary, as there is no meaningful end
To which I can say, I am satisfied

Culture Fair Intelligence Test Critique

Psychological Test Critique Written By Christian J. Ashliman

The Culture Fair Intelligence Test, or CFIT, is an evaluation of an individual’s IQ using methods that strive to remove any sort of cultural bias. Primarily, its goal is to test general abilities that are comparably independent of academic achievement, socioeconomic status, and other similar environmental factors. Continue reading “Culture Fair Intelligence Test Critique”

It Happens in a Moment

Think Piece Written By Christian J. Ashliman

It’s not every day that you get to have a little splash of self-actualization tossed in with your daily-routine salad. The moments that cause you to stop for a moment and ponder an action, thought, or idea, and arrive at the conclusion of striving to become better; it creates a system of growth and change for us impressionable humans. Being a major in psychology within my collegiate career, it’s also entirely possible that I geek out over these types of mental realizations more so than the average person; but who’s to say? Continue reading “It Happens in a Moment”

European Calamity: The Shaking of Society

Historical Academic Analysis Written By Christian J. Ashliman

Human beings have long been praised as an incredibly resilient and adaptable form of life. Even when we glance at our modern day society, it is vastly evident that no matter what strife finds its way into our lives, we always manage to change, adapt, and find a way to press on. This idea is true of us now, just as it is true of the people who endured through the late middle ages. During the time period of 1300 to 1500, a series of intense calamities swept across Europe, and decimated civilization, theoretically bringing society to its knees. Continue reading “European Calamity: The Shaking of Society”


Fallout Themed Short Story Written By Christian J. Ashliman

Sirens pierced the crisp, frigid air like the edge of a knife, spurring the surrounding birds from their nesting spots and jolting awake the world to a fresh, cloudless morning. Theo’s eyes darted open and he winced at the intense high-pitched sound. Another drill? That’s the third one this month and a lot of good they do anyways. Theo shook his head and wiped his face with his hand, letting out a sigh. It doesn’t matter anyways, none of it does. If, no, when the bombs drop, no cave will save you. No tomb, no shelter, no nook, no cranny, and most definitely no vault is gonna save you.  Continue reading “Sidewalks”

Social Order of the Classical World

Historical Academic Analysis Written By Christian J. Ashliman

The Classical World was an era that put extensive emphasis on social order, social class, and community principles[1]. During this time, there were three main societies that were of great importance; these included the Roman Republic, Han China, and the Gupta Empire[2]. While each of these civilizations maintained different social order characteristics and rules, they all had similarities as well. Through these differences and commonalities, we are able to derive what was important to these empires, how they were governed, and ultimately, what role social order played throughout the duration of the Classical World. Within this examination of these three cultural giants, I plan to prove how social order and class status played massive roles in the forming of laws, regulations, land use, and civil positioning of their peoples.  Continue reading “Social Order of the Classical World”

Venom: Too Late to Suck the Poison Out

Film Critique Written By Christian J. Ashliman

Due to the acute opinions I had while watching the newly released film, Venom, I felt compelled to dictate several of my issues with the story telling, flow of the movie, and overall feeling I was left with after sitting through a Marvel sized helping of after-credit scenes. While I do feel that I could more fully explain my positions on this film if I were to fill this piece with plot spoilers, I do understand that this movie was highly anticipated and is still extremely new in its release; so I will try to keep the main story points under wraps. Continue reading “Venom: Too Late to Suck the Poison Out”